GMO Goes Bananas

Cavendish BananaI’m really annoyed with this whole GMO issue! The people who run our government don’t care about the American citizens. They are all out to get what they can. Lobbyists and big business are stuffing money in the pockets of politicians so that they can effectively use them as their own puppets. So while many Americans are starting grassroots campaigns to get genetically modified organisms (GMOs) labeled on ingredients lists on food packaging, the big guns who are making big money on GMOs are putting forth legislation to try to keep us ignorant. Here I refer to the Safe and Accurate Food Labeling Act of 2014. That’s the official name for it. Sounds like it would be good, right. Well, people who would like to have GMOs labeled have given it another name, DARK, which stands for “Deny Americans the Right-to-Know” Act. The bill would prevent the FDA from compelling labeling and would block states from being able to impose their own labeling requirements. It would also allow manufacturers to use the word “natural” for products containing GMO ingredients. If you would like to contact your Congressman about this issue, please visit the Just Label It website here.

GMO goes bananas! Now Bill Gates is funding GMO banana research. In Australia they are trying to develop a GMO version of the Cavendish banana. There are many different varieties of bananas in this world, but for some reason, the only ones you find at your grocery store are usually Cavendish. There has been a fungus that has been damaging the Cavendish banana crops in Australia, Africa and Asia. The bio-tech scientists in Australia are trying to make Cavendish bananas that can resist the fungus and that are higher in vitamin A and iron. You can read what Bill Gates has to say about it on his blog here. Yes, he makes it sound like a great idea. My problem is that all those poor people who are suffering with malnutrition are now going to be used as Guinea pigs. GMOs have not been around long enough to know what they are going to do to the human race. The people who are in control and have lots of money are making decisions that will impact the human race for generations to come. Nobody has any idea how this is going to affect the world in the long run. One thing that hasn’t changed since antiquity is that those who have wealth and education will continue to impose their agenda on those who are poor and ignorant or poor and educated. At least if you are educated, you can use what you know to fight back against the injustices.

For a list of GMO crops, please click here. Be sure to click on the particular crop to find out if it is actually available, and if it is, what name it goes by.

Please leave a comment or email me if you have any input. Thanks for reading! And remember, the only way to avoid GMOs for sure is to eat organic!